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La Ruta Maya Photos & Scrapbook:

La Ruta Maya Photos - Click to enlarge:

Panel of Skulls
Platform of Skulls / Chichen Itza
Panel of Skulls
Platform of the Eagles and Jaguars, Chichén Itzá.
Las Monjas
Chenes-style doorway from the Las Monjas Annex in Chichén Itzá
Thousand Columns
Plaza of the Thousand Columns, Chichén Itzá


La Ruta Maya

El Castillo / Chichen ItzaThe three Mexican states of Quintana Roo, Campeche, and the Yucatan will be our focus on the popular itinerary. Several incredible museums, three different Unesco World Heritage sites and the largest, most interesting ancient Maya cities in the Yucatan Peninsula, will be our home for this full packaged tour.

Calakmul, Rio Bec, Coba, Tulum, Uxmal, Edzna and Chichen Itza are just some of the ancient Maya cites we'll visit, explore and learn about with Ceiba's mayanist. We'll also have stops in Merida, Cancun and Chetumal with all our evenings being spent in quaint hotels. This is an opportunity to finally see all the great places the Yucatan has to offer.

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La Ruta Maya - 10 Day Itinerary - Price: $2550.00 per person
2015 Trip Departure Dates:
January 16, 30
February 13, 27
March 13, 27
April 10
**Custom itineraries & Charter Groups available w/groups of 6 or more.

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*We'll meet at the Cancun International Airport. Two hour transfer to Valladolid. Dinner and Overnight.

* Morning visit of Ek Balam which means Black Jaguar. This small ruin is a hidden secret in the Yucatan. Work is still going on here, but it is revealing stunning stucco reliefs and one of the longest records of occupation in the northern peninsula. Chichen Itza represents the major city of the Post Classic Maya. It is a Unesco World Heritage site and potentially had a thriving metropolis of 50,000 inhabitants. Dinner and overnight in Merida.

*We'll spend time in the historic Spanish Colonial Yucatan State Capital, visiting French mansions, unique archaeological museums, shopping, and experiencing the tasty local culinary treats. Transfer to Uxmal, dinner and overnight.

DAY 4 UXMAL and the neighboring sites.
*Uxmal- Some people believe that this is the best architectural masterpiece in the whole mayan world. The Great Pyramid, The House of the Magician,
The Palace of the Governors, and the Nunnery Quadrangle are all fabulous examples of the Puuc architectural style. We'll also have time for visits to Labna, Sayil, and Kabah, all unique in their small quaint ways. Overnight and Dinner in Uxmal.

*Our morning visit will be the Great Plaza of Edzna as well as the acropolis with the building of Five Stories. Past visitors always comment on this site being a huge plus to the itinerary, since it is such a beautiful ancient city.
Balamku means Jaguar Temple, and this structure has fantastic frieze's and reliefs which represent a very interesting bit of Maya archaeology.
Dinner and overnight at Chicanna, Campeche.

DAY 6 Calakmul
*Calakmul is a Unesco World Heritage site and it is in the center of the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. Tikal and Calakmul were rivals during the Classic/Formative Period. Therefore this large expansive site received cultural influences from the north and south. Its remote location even today keeps many visitors away. We'll spend most of the day here enjoying a picnic style lunch, and hopefully getting a glimpse of the abundant bird and wildlife.
Dinner and Overnight in Chicanna.

*Today we'll squeeze in many stops to these flavorful sites. The Late Classic Maya had developed this architectural style. Kohunlich is best known for its Pyramid of Masks which has six large masks that are 8 feet tall and modeled in stucco, and might represent the ruling leaders of the site. These ruins were not discovered until 1967. Chicanna translated means House of the Serpent Mouth. This city was closely related to Becan and was most likely a residential zone for the rulers in the region. There are several quality carvings that make this site quite rewarding.
Xpuhil is a small but spectacular site with a group of three towers. These towers have secret stairways leading to the top, which represent another interesting example of the Rio Bec Style.
Becan was the political economical and religious capital of this province. It's meaning is "ditch of water", and this site has an defensive moat surrounding it as fortification. It was discovered in 1934 by Karl Ruppert. Dinner and Overnight in Chetumal.Tulum

*We'll spend the morning in downtown Chetumal visiting the Maya Cultural Museum. Then travel up the Riviera Maya with stops to visit Chacchoben, "The Place of Red Corn". A small but attractive ruin, well worth the out of the way distance. Another stop will be at Muyil. Located on the a lagoon with the same name, it is believed to be on a major trade route for the Maya. It has accessibility by a narrow canal system dredged by the Maya to provide access to the Caribbean. Dinner and Overnight in Tulum.

*Tulum the "walled city" has one of the most impressive locations in the Mayan world, right on the Caribbean. It's hey day was in the Post Classic period, but we know it was very important in the Classic period as well because of the convergence of various trade routes. Coba is yet another important Maya city. Built in the Classic period it is composed of 80 square kilometers and is perched in between two large lakes. Many of the 80 structures are still uncovered, but a hike up the Nohoch Mul pyramid rewards you with a vista spanning the whole Yucatan peninsula. Farewell Dinner and celebrations in Playa del Carmen


La Ruta Maya Photos
Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza
The Ball Court at Chichen Itza
The Ball Court at Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza
La Ruta Maya Ruins Map
Ceiba Ruins Map
La Ruta Maya Interactive Map


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