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Ruins of Yaxchilanm Temple of Bird Jaguar
Ruins of Yaxchilan Temple of Bird Jaguar
Ruins of Yaxchilanm Temple of Bird Jaguar
Temple of Inscriptions


Maya Archaeology Tours

Ruins of YaxchilanmMaya Archaeology tours are our specialty here at Ceiba International. Whether you participate in our River of Ruins adventure, the Yucatan La Ruta Maya trip or we put together a custom tour package for your group of friends and family, Ceiba has 30 years experience in guiding tours in the Maya world.

Our itineraries focus on the Mexican states of Chiapas, Yucatan, Quintana Roo and Campeche. We also have many years of experience in Belize, as well.

All of our tours are small groups led by expert Mayanists. We spend quality time at each site explaining the history, post and modern culture, hieroglyphic interpretation and the overall Maya civilization. Ceiba’s guides, chauffeurs and lodge owners are experts with the local flora and fauna and are always helpful, friendly and dependable. We take great pride in the infrastructure that we have laid out with each trip over the years, which allows us to guarantee a safe and unforgettable vacation for you.

All of our nightly accommodations have been highly scrutinized and handpicked for their settings, location, ownership, courteous staff, culinary expertise and diversity, as well as, the overall feel and tone of the establishment. You’ll have a blast at each and every one of these stays.

Our Mayanist trip leader is always willing to get into depth about the theories of the fall of the Maya civilization. Consistent topics of discussion include the proposed drought, over-population, agriculture and rainfall issues, and the ties that bind Maya history to modern day practices and culture.

Maya economics is always a topic of interest. None of the sites that we will visit on our Maya tours had a common currency that was controlled by a specific government. Instead, valuables such as cacao beans, maize, jade beads, obsidian, ceramic vessels, animal pelts and quetzal feathers were used for trade.

All of Ceiba’s trips and tours offer in-depth discussions about the eco-environment, the growth and demise of the Maya civilization, issues related to climate, and the relevance of astronomy to the Maya. Our Mayanist tour guides will also discuss with you modern day Maya - including where they are, who their descendants are, and other cultures that shared ritual and ceremonial practices, architecture and cultural objects.

After coming home from one of these Maya Adventures you’ll be well versed in the culture and the region, most likely wanting to return to see and learn more.

Ceiba International can be reached at 1-800-217-1060. We’re excited to hear from you!


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