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La Ruta Maya

Palenque Ceiba InternationalCeiba International takes you back in time to the Maya city of Palenque. Whether you’re on our River of Ruins Adventure or would like a custom tour package to the region in and around Palenque, Chiapas Mexico, Ceiba always offers great, friendly and reliable service for your vacation needs.

The ancient Maya city of Palenque flourished in the seventh century. Its most famous ruler is known as Pacal the Great, whose tomb was discovered in 1948 by the Mexican archaeologist Alberto Ruiz Lhuiller. The construction of his spectacular tomb, known as the Temple of Inscriptions, was begun as early as 675 and houses the 2nd longest glyphic text known in the Mayan world. The glyphic text of Pacal’s tomb records approximately 180 years of the city’s history, from the 4th through the 12th K’atun and Ruiz was the first person to gaze upon Pacal’s tomb in over 1000 years.

Pacal the Great’s tomb is remarkable for its large carved sarcophagus, the rich ornaments accompanying Pacal’s body and for the stucco sculptures decorating the walls of the tomb.

Archaeologists estimate that only 10% of the site has been uncovered. The Temples of the Cross group of ruins, which were named by early day explorers, are now called Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Foliated Cross and the Temple of the cross. Each of them has elaborately carved relief panels that depict two rulers prior to Pacal, as well as, the Ceiba tree of life.

With recent developments in this amazing ancient Maya city, Palenque encourages everyone to come back for multiple visits and explore all that it has to offer. The Maya ball court, the aqueduct, and newly built museum make this one of the most written about and studied regions in all of the Maya world.

Ceiba’s Mayan archaeology tours are small groups of 6 to 12 participants. We always have two guides, who include a well-traveled, well-versed Mayanist and a veteran Ceiba guide to handle all of the day-to-day and behind the scenes logistics.

The majesty of Palenque is just one of the Maya treasures that we’ll experience on the River of Ruins tour. Yaxchilan is definitely a highlight, located on the oxbow of the Rio Usamacinata - it’s setting is a favorite among Maya enthusiasts. Bonampak with its painted murals and the nearby Lacandon Indians, make for yet another fantastic stop along this River of Ruins journey.

The Guatemalan section of the tour is focused in the Peten Department, and we spend two nights in Tikal National Park. There is nothing quite like the Mayan nucleus of Tikal and we’ll have the opportunity to visit a good percentage of this vast site. Please look at our Tikal page, which has extensive information on Tikal and all of the wonders it has to offer, as well as, all of the other Maya sites that Ceiba International visits.

The town of Palenque has been Ceiba’s winter home for almost 30 years. It is a very interesting town – warm and tropical, it has a cow-town feel with international travelers supporting the thriving tourism industry. Diverse restaurants, a great selection of hotels, several nightclubs, along with endless arts and crafts shops make Palenque a must-see location.

Ceiba International’s local guides, chauffeurs, and four assistants have all been handpicked to offer you unlimited assistance during our tours. You can always count on friendly, reliable service at Ceiba International and we look forward ti seeing you in Palenque, Chiapas Mexico.

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