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River of Ruins Photos & Scrapbook:

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River of Ruins
Tikal in Sepia
Tikal in Sepia
Jungle Stairs
Thatched Roofs
Boat with a View
River of Ruins

River of RuinsThis unique Mayan adventure tour is a Ceiba exclusive. We'll have intimate visits to many ancient Mayan cities, all accompanied by a well-versed Mayanist guide. Utilizing the waterways, back roads, and local trails, this trip sees some of the best examples of the lost Mayan civilization. Tikal, in the Peten of Guatemala, Palenque, and Yaxchilan are just some of the incredible sites we'll have an opportunity to explore. Be sure to check out our itinerary for this Ruta Maya schedule. Ceiba Adventures, with 20+ years of experience in the region, will guarantee you a safe and unforgettable journey.

The majestic Rio Usumacinta and its tributaries form the largest river system in Central America. The enchanting, green liquid highway meanders through the tropical rain forest and lowland jungle of Mexico and Guatemala, connecting many of the legendary ancient Mayan cities. Join us as we explore the sites of Tikal, Ceibal, Aguateca, Altar de Sacrificios, Palenque, Bonampak and Yaxchilan. The colorful histories of this mythic region come to life with the assistance of a Mayanist who accompanies the group. The Peten region of Guatemala and the Lacandon rain forest of Mexico make this an exceptional tropical vacation interweaving highlights of Mayan archeology, local culture, and bioregional ecology into a rich tapestry you'll treasure for a lifetime.

River of Ruins - 10 Day Itinerary - Price: $2950.00
2015 Trip Departure Dates:
January 9
January 23
February 6
February 20
March 6
March 20
Extensions for this trip include visits to the Peten sites of: Dos Pilas, Arroyo de Piedra, Punta de Chimino, Uaxactun

View map of Mayan Heartland.

Day 1: Fly to Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico, evening arrival, transfer to Palenque. Overnight at La Canada region

Day 2: Trip orientation, and a full-day visit to explore and photograph the vast Mayan site of Palenque. The museum is chock full of fascinating artifacts and details about Palenque’s intriguing history. A visit to the Queen's Bath is always a cool escape after strolling River Of Ruins Slideshowaround the ruins. Overnight and dinner in the La Canada region of Palenque.

Day 3: Early morning departure to Frontera Corozal on the banks of the Usumacinta river. Travel downstream to spend the day at Yaxchilan. Overnight at the Escudo Jaguar Lodge.

Day 4: Travel upstream to Bethel, Guatemala and meet our shuttle to Tikal National Park. Spend the remainder of the afternoon visiting Tikal. Overnight in the park.

Day 5: All day to visit the vast site of Tikal. Observe the abundant flora and fauna, bird watch, walk through the tropical rainforest and learn about Mayan history. Hotel in the Park..

Day 6: Travel 2 hrs to Sayaxche, lunch and an afternoon visit to El Seibal National Park. Late afternoon transfer by boat up the Rio Petexbatun to our lodge. Dinner and overnight

Day 7: A morning boat ride through the Lagoon of the Petexbatun to the fortified city of Aguateca. Return for a relaxing afternoon at our lodge

Day 8: Travel downstream on the Rio Pasion, visiting Altar De Sacrificios, and camping along the Usumacinta river on one of its large beach expanses.

Day 9: Arrive at Frontera Corozal and visit the site of Bonampak, famous for its murals, on the return to Palenque. Late afternoon arrival back in Palenque for a farewell dinner. Overnight in the La Canada region of Palenque.

Day 10: Transfer to Villahermosa for early morning flights home.


River of Ruins Trip Testimonials:

"This tour/expedition/adventure kept us in a constant state of awe, in part due to the efforts of our tireless guides. Their vast knowledge of the history of the Maya, and their never-faltering willingness to share it with us made the history of the region come alive. I know that all of us felt privileged to have enjoyed this time in the company of such instructive and patient travel companions as Ceiba's Rachel and Joe."

- J.& D. Richter 2/08 River of Ruins

"We cannot say enough great things about our recent River of Ruins trip with Ceiba Adventures. It combined an ambitious itinerary, amazing historical and natural places, and some of the best guides I have ever traveled with. At every step of our journey doors were opened for us, boatman and drivers were there, and our days trek went without delays. Everyday I was amazed by the knowledge that our head guide Joe Orr possessed of the Mayan Cities we visited. Besides that he seemed to know of every plant and tree in the jungle and every bird that flew above us. At night his star talks and knowledge of astronomy was impressive. We had considered making this trip on our own. If we had we could not have covered half the places in twice the time, and none of the local guides had one quarter the information of the Mayan cities Joe had. This will not be the last time we travel with Ceiba. "

- Betty A., River of Ruins 2/07

La Ruta Maya Photos
Early Morning Rainforest
Early Morning In The Rainforest


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